Vector Flags allows you to download tons of free vector graphics representing flags, coat of arms, signal flags, air force roundels or art, that means you can resize and edit these picture without loss of quality.
All flags and armories ready to download on are each in two different file format, in Adobe Illustrator (1) format (.ai) and Portable Document File (1) format (.pdf), so you can easily import them into your favorite applications.

If you own a graphic vector file concerning heraldry and want to share, use the upload button in the menu to send us the file, if you want to send many it is advisable to compact all your files in one "ZIP" file.
You can also use "Upload button" to update an uncorrect flag or coat of arms. The right graphic formats for file upload is ".ai", ".eps", ".wmf" or ".pdf".

The files to download are compacted with " Winzip " (2), " Windows " (3) since XP version is able to expand "ZIP" files, but if you own a previous version of " Windows " (3) you can download this program for free at

Representations of arms and flags may appear distorted with incorrect colors but it was necessary for a better layout, you will find correct forms and colors in the original files.

(1 )" Adobe Illustrator " and " Portable Document File " are trademarks, property of " Adobe Systems Incorporated ".
(2) " Winzip " is a trademark property of " WinZip Computing S.L.".
(3) " Windows " is a trademark property of " Microsoft Corporation".

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